14 Januar 2010


BWise Integrating Unified Compliance Framework into Its Industry Leading GRC Platform

New York, NY and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, January 14, 2010 – BWise Inc., the global leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management software, is incorporating Network Frontiers Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) into the BWise GRC solution.

The UCF, rapidly becoming the industry standard regulatory framework for compliance vendors, harmonizes IT controls from over 400 international regulatory requirements, standards and guidelines into a single set of straightforward requirements that clearly show the many points where international and industry regulations overlap.
Partnering with Network Frontiers enables BWise customers to further mitigate compliance costs, reduce the administrative burden, and leverage the value of compliance-related technologies and services. UCF quarterly updates help to ensure continuous compliance.

BWise’s integration of the UCF framework makes it easy for BWise customers to quickly deploy the UCF without adjusting their current risk and control processes. Customers simply select the set/s of regulations that they must comply with and can immediately begin to schedule and execute IT controls.

Business Benefits
Incorporating the UCF into the BWise platform provides a strong foundation for an enterprise’s IT and other compliance and risk initiatives thanks to the Process Management layer on which BWise is based.

Luc Brandts, CTO and Founder of BWise, stated, “BWise will bring the UCF content into business practice by integrating existing business frameworks with external regulations. BWise’s business process knowledge and background enables users to immediately see which systems and processes are impacted by changing regulations. The regulatory content is made actionable and this is what everybody is looking for.”

"Our enterprise customers have requested BWise integration so we're thrilled to have BWise partner with us," said Craig Isaacs, CEO of Network Frontiers. “As the cost and complexity of compliance demands continue to rise, so does the need for tools that streamline and simplify the entire compliance process,”

About Network Frontiers LLC:
Since 1992, Network Frontiers has developed ground-breaking tools to support IT best practices with a special focus on regulatory compliance, metrics, systems continuity and governance. The Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) is Network Frontiers' flagship product. By focusing on commonalities across regulations, standards-based development, and simplified architectures, the UCF supports a strategic approach to IT compliance that reduces cost, limits liability, and leverages the value of compliance-related technologies and services across the enterprise. The UCF's content and methodology is the direct result of Network Frontiers' deep understanding of IT regulations and standards and decades of experience consulting for clients, publications, and vendors in the mission-critical IT arena.


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