24 Mai 2011


BWise Assigns Mikko Valtonen as Business Development Director Sustainability and EHS

New York, NY and ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, May 24 2011 - BWise, the global leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management software solutions, today announced that Mikko Valtonen has joined the BWise team as its Business Development Director for Sustainability and EHS. Mikko has more than ten years of experience in assisting global multinational enterprises create and implement sustainability strategies and processes. Mikko has played an integral part in clients having been selected among the top 100 most sustainable companies globally by the Davos group. His experience with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), GRI reporting and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) risk management projects is of great value and enriches the current BWise offering. It enables BWise clients to manage their sustainability performance as part of their business processes within the BWise platform.

“Managing the sustainability performance of a company, with extensive data collection, risk management and reporting can be a heavy burden,” said Robert Pijselman, Chief Executive Officer of BWise. “EHS was already part of our offering and by welcoming Mikko Valtonen to our team, we can further expand our footprint and productize our solution. By integrating his expertise with sustainability performance management into the BWise platform, we will enable our customers to stay in control and increase their business performance. BWise incorporates sustainability management into an enterprise’s overall risk and compliance framework, integrated with the client’s daily business processes in a much more structured and less time consuming way.”

”Given my experience with various software and consulting assignments and implementations of EHS and GRI projects, BWise is a great next step in my career,” Mr. Valtonen stated. “As the leading solution provider for Enterprise GRC platforms, I see BWise as a great opportunity to integrate sustainability, EHS and CSR issues into the standard decision making processes of corporations. I truly think that BWise offers me the opportunity to utilize my skills assisting clients to manage their sustainability management and performance, which is all about protecting an enterprise’s brand, making good successful business decisions and increasing corporate value.”

Mikko Valtonen founded Proventia Solutions Oy, a leading Scandinavian sustainability software and consulting company in 1999. Mikko has his MSc from the University of Jyväskylä.  


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