24 Oktober 2011


BWise Integrates Sustainability into Daily Management

New York, NY and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, October 24, 2011 – BWise, the global leader in Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) software solutions, announced today its new solution for Sustainability Performance Management (SPM). BWise SPM integrates the management of sustainability risks into daily operations, following a risk management approach. BWise SPM is based on the BWise GRC platform and enables organizations to get in control of sustainability issues.

Sustainability information typically exists in different parts of complex global organizations. Due to this, creating a process to control sustainability issues and related risks is challenging. Mikko Valtonen, Business Development Director Sustainability and EHS at BWise, said, “A siloed approach to sustainability management processes can become tedious. BWise has developed a convenient SPM solution to assist companies efficiently collect, analyze, report and filter up sustainability performance information to the corporate level, using risk management methodology and its state of the art GRC platform technology.“

BWise has also recently joined the Integrated Reporting initiative to integrate all its reporting cycles into one. The SPM solution from BWise is built upon the company’s years of experience in both risk management and sustainability management.

The BWise SPM solution is based on a best practice approach using reporting standards like the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). To introduce its SPM solution to the market, BWise is hosting a webinar on October 27, "Incorporate Sustainability Performance Management into your Daily Operations.” Mike Wallace, Director at The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), with Mikko Valtonen will present:

  • Sustainability Performance Management: why it is important
  • Best Practice: collect, analyze, report and manage sustainability performance
  • Comply to and report on global guidelines, such as GRI G3, Greenhouse gas protocol and Carbon Disclosure Project requirements
  • Incorporate sustainability into daily operations 
  • Improve corporate performance using comparable and reliable sustainability data
  • Create one corporate register with site-specific details 
  • Perform risk assessments at any level

Mikko Valtonen, also said, “If sustainability performance management is implemented correctly, it will drive great competitive advantages such as, reputation in the marketplace, finding new business opportunities through sustainable product innovations and attract better staff by offering a great place to work. Cost savings and efficiency in operations can also be found through sustainability initiatives.” 


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